EZ Print:

EZ Print is an Industry leading approach to desktop and network printer support.  Our program separates itself from the competition by offering a higher number of services while maintaining total customizability.  We provide toner, parts, on-site technical support, electronic AND toner cartridge recycling as well as individual programs based on business type.  Believe in a completely proactive methodology to our services as seen in our VPMA (Verified Preventative Maintenance Agreement).

The key to maximizing our clients' savings is based on developing a specific strategy  for every challenge that presents itself within the customers environment.  Our expertise on how to tackle each problem the most reliably, and cost effectively, has shown our clients a new way of sustainable printing.   We guarantee our products and performance by virtue of a general program agreement that identifies the entire scope of services to be provided and is cancellable at any time if we fail to meet those expectations.

Datasource, INK is the most nimble and exciting company in the industry today.  We encourage you to give us a call today and get on the fast track to a more effective printing solution!



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