National Account Program:

Datasource, INK can touch every marketplace in the Continental United States.  Toner is shipped next day in all Major cities and 2-3 days in any others.  We can also stock inventory in specific distribution zones to ensure availability.  Our service base extends coast to coast and guarantees a technician onsite within 4-6 business hours.  Our VPMA (verified preventative maintenance agreement) can be put into play at any location that needs it and our parts solution can be proactive with onsite storage or day-to-day with orders on demand.

The strength of our National Account Program is seen in its scalability and customizability.  Anywhere in the country, we can provide our EZ Print solution and tailor our services to meet the needs of each individual office.  Our toner-only billing structure allows the financial element of the program to flow according to how much volume there is keeping print related expenses as lean as they should be with each business cycle.

Keeping with the spirit of an eco-friendly approach to the compatible market, our recycling solution closes the loop on the entire National Account Program.  We can provide boxes and labels with pre-paid shipping to ensure proper disposal of any empty cartridges.  Our 100% land-fill free grinding facility will turn those products into various powders and plastics that are resold on the open market. 

Please contact us for further information on how we can help your local AND national offices.


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